Our food


Farmors Café's food philosophy is based on true and genuine cooking. The daily menu varies depending on the availability of seasonal products. We value the environment highly, and also in our cooking we use what the nature has to offer. Primarily the products come from local producers and the food and cakes are decorated with flowers and herbs from the cafe's own garden. For every dish, as much attention is put for it to appeal one's eye as well as one's taste. We are also happy that the electricity to the café is produced by the island's three wind turbines: Frej, Ilo and Flora. 


Time: Always available

Farmors Café's cake-table is always laid out with a variety of cakes and other sweet treats. Some of the cakes have been with us since the opening in 1994, whereas newer cakes take turn of being served. There are as well alternatives available for you with a special diet.



Due to the situation summer 2020 we do not serve the today´s lunch.

Every weekday at 12 o´clock a meal of the day is served. Depending on what is available the menu varies from day to day, however always accompanied by a fresh salad and home baked bread.



From 12.00 to 19.00

Starting at 12.00 different alternatives can be ordered from the menu. The menu varies depending on what is at hand and on the season, but alternatives for the meat, fish as well as for the vegetable lover is always available. As well as alternatives for the younger ones. The dishes are inspired by the Nordic kitchen, and come with herbs and flowers picked in Högsåra's nature.

Archipelago buffet

Due to the situation summer 2020 we do not serve the archipelgo buffet

Every Saturday and Sunday starting at 12 o´clock an archipelago inspired buffet is served. The buffet includes different fish dishes, many different salads and something for the meat-lover.


The Paviljong

During the summer of 2020 all orders are made at the pavillion.

During high-season the thirsty ones and the ones looking for smaller salty bites can visit our paviljong. From here you can also order genuine Italian sourdough garden pizzas, made in our wood-fired oven. The garden pizzas are separate from the other kitchen.