Our food

Farmors Café is located in Gamlas Lillstuga, an old pilot's cottage from the late 18th, early 19th century. Grandmother Erika lived alone in the cottage for fifteen years after the death of her husband Janne in 1935. That's the reason the small, red cottage with white window frames became known as 'Grandmother's house' (farmor = grandmother). The house has evolved and grown with its family, but the old log walls are still the same and stand to tell future generations of the good old times and the happiness that has been felt within them. Farmors Café started as a hobby in 1994 but has grown with every summer that has gone by. Now with an experience of over 20 years we wish that we can share at least a day in your upcoming summer.

Farmors Café's food philosophy is based on true and genuine cooking. The daily menu varies depending on the availability of seasonal products. We value the environment highly, and also in our cooking we use what the nature has to offer. Primarily the products come from local producers and the food and cakes are decorated with flowers and herbs from the cafe's own garden. For every dish, as much attention is put for it to appeal one's eye as well as one's taste. We are also happy that the electricity to the café is produced by the island's three wind turbines: Frej, Ilo and Flora. 


Always available

Farmors Café's cake-table is always laid out with a variety of cakes and other sweet treats. Some of the cakes have been with us since the opening in 1994, whereas newer cakes take turn of being served. There are as well alternatives available for you with a special diet.



From 12.00 until one hour before the cafe close

Starting at 12.00 different alternatives can be ordered from the menu. The menu varies depending on what is at hand and on the season, but alternatives for the meat, fish and for the vegetable lover is always available. Summersalad as well alternatives for the younger ones are always on our menu. The dishes are inspired by the Nordic kitchen, and come with herbs and flowers picked in Högsåra's nature.

Archipelago buffet

Groups of minimi 15 persons can order our archipelago buffet during low - season. Please be in contact with us if you are interested. 

Garden pizza

From 12.00 until one hour before the cafe close

Our genuine Italian sourdough garden pizzas are made in our wood-fired oven. Meat and vegetarian alternatives can be ordered with toppings from our garden.



Every day from 25.6-15.8

In our small garden shop you can find our bread as well as other local products, honey, herbs, marmalades, te and much more.